Block house – planed board of the type of linen, made in the form of a segment of cylindrical logs or profiled timber. This material is intended for interior and exterior decoration of premises and buildings. Block house is one of the most popular building materials.

This material is made of natural wood, deciduous or coniferous species. The pine block house is the most widespread. The conifer resin containing this wood gives these panels durability. The block house provides the structure of waterproofing, thermal insulation and noise isolation. To the positive properties of the block house is hygroscopicity, durability, it does not rot, does not crack and practically does not vary in size.

The price for a block house is available, this is an economical variant of home furnishings. All this leads to the increasing popularity of this material in the construction of buildings and repairs. Very often it is used for the treatment of country houses and cottages.

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