The board spliced ​​differs in very high precision of production. The geometry of the cross-section along the entire length, with the technology, adheres to the most strictly, and the geometry itself provides accurate guaranteed docking! The splicing technology allows you to get rid of all the flaws and defects, to relieve the internal tension of wood and to achieve high accuracy in adhering to the geometry of the cross-section of the spliced ​​board along the entire length. Due to this, good convergence, ease of compaction and installation are noted, and a small width of the board and a low percentage of humidity (a necessary condition for gluing) prevent the board from drying out further.

The process of splicing itself is performed on special equipment without violations and deviations, it guarantees high strength and precision of gluing. If we consider the barely visible traces of gluing to be the lack of a spliced ​​board, the more there are none: the board without any geometry distortions “fits” easily and accurately, moisture is basically no more than 12%, the knots are left only decorative (Grade 1), shrinkage is minimal and unlikely.

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