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Company «SWIDA» LLC is engaged in the manufacture of various lumber from pine, oak and other wood species. The main activity of the enterprise is the production of products for construction and repair needs. These are different types of molded products: wall paneling, furniture board, glued laminated timber, block house, floor board, etc.

We provide services of sawing wood, making timber, edged and unedged boards, as well as drying lumber.

Ukraine Lumber

Our production base

Our production has workshops, equipped with modern import equipment, which holds a full cycle of wood processing from sawing timber to packaging the finished product.

Production capacity

– The size of the production area is 16000 m2

– Drying chambers – more than 900 m3

– Number of production lines – 10

Ukraine Lumber

Advantages of cooperation

High organization of work of specialists and modern technologies allow to give our clients such advantages as:

– minimum terms of production;

– quality guarantee and competitive prices;

– focus on long-term, successful cooperation.

If necessary, the company «SWIDA» LLC is ready to deliver products to any region of Ukraine or neighboring and foreign countries.

Our Products

Пиломатеріали соснові

Pine timber

Company «SWIDA» produces and sells boards of trimming, dry (moisture 10-14%), an


Felted Pine Board

The board spliced ​​differs in very high precision of production. The geometry o


Block house

Block house - planed board of the type of linen, made in the form of a segment o

Вагонка соснова

Pine Panelboard

Panelboard - wooden planed and polished board, with a special groove and tongue

Імітація бруса із сосни

Imitation of a pine beam

Imitation of a beam - a relatively new building material, which has recently bec

Фриза дубова

Oak lumber | timber

Production and sale of oak boards under the order. Sale boards of oak natural mo

Oak lamellae

Oak lamellaes of different sizes and varieties of quality wood. Minimum thicknes

Unedged and edged oak

Company «SWIDA» produces and sells wholesale unedged oak board, dry (moisture 8-

Меблевий дубовий щит

Oak solid board

Solid oak wood panels with finger-jointed lamellas. Quality grade A / B, Rustic,

Меблевий щит із сосни

Pine solid board

Solid pine wood panels with finger-jointed lamellas. Lamellas are interconn


Thermowood oak

Qualitative selection of oak wood is heat treated. Thermal wood is a timber that


Thermowood pine

Pine wood is heat-treated with high quality. Thermal wood is a timber that under


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