Імітація бруса із сосни

Imitation of a beam – a relatively new building material, which has recently become more and more widespread. It is a wooden product that resembles walls made of timber. In essence, these are planed boards, processed on both sides, and the connection between them is carried out with the help of tongues and grooves. This building material is versatile, since it is suitable for handling both external and internal walls. Often, imitation of a beam is used for sheeting of framed walls, getting the complete illusion that the walls are constructed of natural timber.

Buy imitation of a beam – this means getting a lot of benefits:

  1. Aesthetically attractive appearance and absolute effect of presence in a complete wooden house. It is difficult at first glance to distinguish imitation of a beam from a real beam – the same texture, the same color and features.
  2. Eco-friendly material, which is made only of natural wood and has all its qualities: durability, high thermal insulation, practicality, anti-noise abilities.
  3. The price is not very high – it can compete with many building materials. In addition, if you choose to Imitation of a pine beam you can save a lot in construction.
  4. Easy and easy installation, which also reduces the total cost, saves time and facilitates installation.
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